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Unhindered Living - Information designed to empower individuals and families to to competently care for all their own needs without utilizin

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Unhindered Living

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Manager: adonai39
Information designed to empower individuals and families to to competently care for all their own needs without utilizing "professionals." Specifically, this ring contains information about unassisted pregnancy, unassisted childbirth, attachment parenting, breastfeeding, healing through nutrition and other natural means, unschooling, non-institutional spirituality, non-commercial food production, independent income generation, and any other subject which is pertains to helping people remove the hindrances to their personal freedoms which characterize today's living. Medical information is acceptable as long as it serves to empower individuals to care for themselves and does not encourage the use of professional health care providers. Also, sites are welcome which help to discourage social conformity and empower people to forge their own path, make their own decisions, and be responsible for their own lives and health. Mainly, we want to remove the hindrances which exist because of the control institutions of our society exert: the medical establishment, schools, governments, churches, or any other institution which curtails our personal freedom.

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This site is dedicated to providing information to assist you in gently parenting your children. It includes information on pregnancy, homebirth, breastfeeding, circumcision, and much more. Also read my birth stories including our beautiful unassisted waterbirth.
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A site dedicated to unassisted homebirth from the fathers perspective. I want to help fathers be more involved in the birth of their children and help mothers convince the fathers.
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Universal Law, Evolution, Natural Selection, Transpersonal Psychology, Inspiration, Interactive Relationships, Personal Attainment, Health, Evolutionary Spirituality, Revolution. Methods of science applied to goals of religion. Systematic self-help from an evolutionary perspective.

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An intimate look at the newest innovation in safe, gentle, joyous, empowering childbirth. Features a Photo Gallery, tutorial, and information that explains the preparations for and benefits of waterbirth. Read dozens of real waterbirth stories from moms and birthcare professionals. Learn about the vital importance of a truly gentle birth and the longterm value it provides to both mother and baby.
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Amazingly Fit offers personal training, yoga, pilates, nutritional counseling, online training, as well as free message boards.
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This is a site for prospective queer parents and for those queers who are already parents to share their joys and pains.
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A site about my 1st time pregnancy, w/ TWINS at 18, lots of pictures to see(before pregnancy, growing tummy, ultrasound, events, etc), links to LOTS of helpful boards & baby-related websites, other inspiring mommies & mommies2b, webrings i belong to, & stuff(midi's, adoption corner, etc.)

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