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The AnnyBelle Foundation - An online community providing education and resources through networking which promotes Peace and Youth Achievement. Web

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The AnnyBelle Foundation

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An online community providing education and resources through networking which promotes Peace and Youth Achievement. Websites bringing Truth to Youth and their families, allowing for better informed decisions in the future, are welcome.  Let us all do something to make the world a better place!





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   Zach Schmidkunz - Another Sad Statistic Preview Go
Drug dangers can effect not only families but communities. Value your family and educate yourself and those you care for. Many links to solid hard facts. Visit with Zach, he needs your support.
   Honey & Cinnamon Preview Go
The oldest and many times best health remedies in the world are the most successful. The Honey Bee can provide health and vigor.
   Understanding the CODEX Preview Go
It is vital that families understand the implications in the event that CODEX is passed and in force in Europe. By the mere fact that the US is part of the World Trade Organization, the bills that are passed in Europe can and will effect families in the US.

   Up to date News from Dr. Mercola Preview Go
Good Health is only a choice. A choice to be armed with Truth and make better decisions in the future that are based on Facts and Logic.
   Low Cholestrol, Seratonin and Violence Preview Go
Education Website for you and your family. It is never too late to learn.
   What is Poisoning our Children? Preview Go
Children's health care issues are on the rise. Prevention is the key. Find out today how you can protect your children. If you do not know what enemy may be harming your child, how can you help?
   Fluoride is a POISON Preview Go
Did you know that Fluoride cause heavy metals to accumulate in the human body? Do you know what the safe levels of Fluoride is?
   High Intake of Vitamin C Preview Go
Frederick Klenner papers with the success of High DAily Intake of Ascorbic Acid, generally known as Vitamin C. Help yourself and others with this information. It is vital to the health of our nation.
   The DANGER of MSG ! Preview Go
Find out how you may be exposed to MSG and not really know it. Learn how the BIG Corporations with the Glutamate Association has been poisoning your family.
   Acid Food vs Alkaline Foods Preview Go
Learn how to raise your pH so that cancer cells can never live in your body. It is simple, safe and effective. Food is a great place to start. Check with Advanced Scientific Health for more resources that will stop, prevent and reverse the body's degeneration.

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